Kongsberg, near Drammen (south Norway)
14th September Morten’s birth.
Second of 4 brothers and 1 sister.
Nickname at school: Hakkspetta, meaning “woodpecker” and sounds like his surname Harket

Morten is the lead vocal in a-ha


At age 4


At age 3






morten singing

morten singing

Young Morten with his poppy

Young Morten with his poppy


zod. sign : Virgin
eyes : light blue
hair: light brown
religion : Cattolic
weight : Kg 80
high Mt : 1.82
shoes : 42 / 43
secret dream : Farm with animals
cars : Mercedes, Mitsubishi
moto : BSA – Triumph
he loves : nature
he hates : drug, injustice, hunt
grandfather : fisherman
father : Reidar doctor
mother : Henny teacher
eldest brother : Gunvald doctor 1956
brother : Haakon journalist 1962
brother : Kjetill actor 1967
sister : Ingunn artist 1964
elementary school : Heggedel
secondary sch. : Solvant
highschool : Asker Gymnasium
fav. subjects at school : biology and botanic
civil state : divorced
ex-wife : Camilla Malmquist
eldrest son : Jakob Martinius 05/14/89
second son : Jonathan 12/30/90
daughter : Anna K. Tomine 04/14/93
work : a-ha’s singer
fav. a-ha’s song : Days on End
film he were in : Kamilla and the thief
profume : Kouros of Yves S. L.
fav. flower : orchid
fav. sport : to swim
books he reads. : Teology
fav. instrument : piano an trombone
big problem : colour-blind in part
particular sign : divided incisive teeth
hobbies : to photograph
fav. music : Uriah Heep
what he eats: Brunost, spinach and sirloin
what he drinks: water, milk, dietcoke
surgic operation : polypus in throat
other groups : Laelia Anceps, Soldier Blue, Mercy
other work : psychiatric hospital’s help
favourite films : Mr.Croccodille dundee, Gorky Park, Paris-Texas
favourite song : Don’t dream it’s over (Crowded House)
ex girlfriend : Anne Mette Undlien (b. 1969?)
new baby : Henny 02/06/03
girlfriend now : Inez Anderson
new baby : Carmen Poppy



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