I thank so much a-ha for the music they played in every moment of my life as teenager.
I thank Morten’s voice because it was like a recalling wind to reality.
I thank Morten’s smile because seeing it could take my tears back everytime I feel myself sad.
I thank Paal as songwriter because many lyrics speak to me in a way people can’t.
I thank Magne as polyhedral artist because this shows me how art could be used in everymoment of life.
I thank all people around a-ha’s world because they could make happen all this.
I thank all my friends for having been part of this too.
I thank this space and time because the history might be written everydays, also with this blog too.

The 25 years of a-ha: December 1985 – December 2010

Veronica Casaglia’s dream 1984 – 2011

PS: I also thank my father for made ​​them known (August 9th, 1943 – March10th, 2007)
My mother (December 1st, 1950) who even if she hated them (in a way too long to explain), I hope one day she understands what they meant for me for their strong presence in my life and my brother (April 8th, 1981) who although always preferred to stay out of this, in the end a couple of their songs did not dislike him at all.

This blog is dedicated to 3 dogs (Setter Gordon all) of my life: Kiss (September 1973 – June 1989), Willow (April 20th, 1991 – March 5th, 2005) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (May 5th- but with me from July 9th, 2005) and in the end of all to Frihetnike Kaisen (December 23th, 1974), my alter-ego because sometimes I need to learn something from the past that I have missed and to Siegfried Wildt (September 8th, 1994)



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