1984Take on Me (first version) 7″, SIDE B “Stop! And make your mind” or in DEMO 2004 and DELUXE EDITION 2011 under the name “Lesson One” that it was a flop, see the story here

1985Take on Me HUNTINGH HIGH AND LOW, 7″, SIDE B “Love is reason”, see this article for more infos

1985Love Is Reason (only in Norway) HUNTINGH HIGH AND LOW, 7″, SIDE B “I dream myself alive”
aha-love-is-reason-1985      love is reason

1985The Sun Always Shines on TV HUNTINGH HIGH AND LOW, 7″, PICTURE DISK, SIDE B”Driftwood”, video
A-Ha-The-Sun-Always-Sh-12350       TSASOTV1986

Year Chart Peak Certifications
1985 UK Singles Chart 1 UK: Silver
Norwegian Singles Chart 2
Swedish Singles Chart 2
Austrian Singles Chart 8
Swiss Singles Chart 7
US Billboard Hot 100 20
Irish Singles Chart 1
French Singles Chart 10
German Singles Chart 5
Italian Singles Chart 11
Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales 5
1986 Canadian RPM Singles Chart[9] 11
2003 Hungarian Singles Chart 9
Country Provider Certification Sales/shipments
France SNEP Silver 200,000+
Italy FIMI Silver 200,000+
Germany IFPI Silver 250,000+
United Kingdom BPI Silver 200,000+

1986Train of Thought HUNTINGH HIGH AND LOW, 7″, PICTURE DISK, SIDE B “And you tell me”, video
TRAINSINGLE  A-Ha+-+Train+Of+Thought+-+SHAPED+PICTURE+DISC-3667 140 HH&L rare

Chart (1986) Peak
UK Singles Chart 8
German Singles Chart 14
Irish Singles Chart 5

1986Hunting High and Low HUNTINGH HIGH AND LOW, 7″, SIDE B “the blue sky”, video

British Singles Chart 5
Irish Singles Chart 4
Norwegian Singles Chart 10
French Singles Chart 4
Austrian Singles Chart 24
German Singles Chart 11
Italian Singles Chart 10

1986I’ve Been Losing You SCOUNDREL DAYS, 7″, SIDE B “This alone is love”, video

Chart (1986) Peak
Austrian Singles Chart 20
French Singles Chart 14
German Singles Chart 15
Irish Singles Chart 3
Italian Singles Chart 11
Norwegian Singles Chart 1
Swedish Singles Chart 11
Swiss Singles Chart 16
UK Singles Chart 8
Country Certification Date Sales certified
France[10] Silver 1986 200,000

1986Cry Wolf  SCOUNDREL DAYS, 7″, PICTURE DISK, SIDE B “Maybe,maybe”, video

US Billboard Hot 100 50
Norwegian Singles Chart 2
Swiss Singles Chart 27
British Singles Chart 5
Irish Singles Chart 4
French Singles Chart 35
German Singles Chart 20

1986Maybe Maybe (only in Bolivia) SCOUNDREL DAYS, 7″, SIDE B ” ”

1987 Manhattan Skyline SCOUNDREL DAYS, 7″, SIDE B “We’re looking for the whales “, PICTURE DISK, video
manhattan       MS

Chart (1987) Peak
Irish Singles Chart 3
German Singles Chart 28
Norwegian Singles Chart 4
UK Singles Chart 13

1987The Living Daylights STAY ON THESE ROADS, 7″, SIDE B “The living daylights (instrumental)”, more info THIS IS THE SONG TITLE OF THE MOVIE 007 THE LIVING DAYLIGHT
TLD   TLD2   tldltd7
1988Stay on These Roads STAY ON THESE ROADS, 7″, PICTURE DISK, SIDE B “Soft rains of april” video
sotrsingolo    A-Ha+-+Stay+On+These+Roads+-+12'+PICTURE+DISC-12061

Norwegian Singles Chart 1
Swiss Singles Chart 10
British Singles Chart 5
Irish Singles Chart 2
French Singles Chart 3
Swedish Singles Chart 17
Austrian Singles Chart 1
German Singles Chart 7
Italian Singles Chart 1
Country Certification Date Sales certified
France Silver 1988 250,000

1988The Blood That Moves the Body STAY ON THESE ROADS, 7″, 12″, PICTURE DISK, CD, SIDE B “There’s never a forever thing “, video
tbpic   TBTMTB

Chart (1988) Peak
Dutch Top 40 24
German Singles Chart 23
Irish Singles Chart 11
Polish Singles Chart 5
Swiss Singles Chart 29
UK Singles Chart 25

1988There’s Never a Forever Thing (only in Brasile) STAY ON THESE ROADS, 7″, SIDE B ” “, video from Headlines & Deadlines DVD

1988Touchy! STAY ON THESE ROADS, 7″, 12″, CD, SIDE B “Hurry Home”, video

Year Chart Peak
1988 UK Singles Chart 11
Irish Singles Chart 6
Swiss Singles Chart 18
French Singles Chart 5
German Singles Chart 13
Country Certification Date Sales certified
France Gold 1988 500,000

1988You Are the One STAY ON THESE ROADS, 7″, SIDE B “Out of blue comes green”, video

British Singles Chart 13
Irish Singles Chart 12
French Singles Chart 21
German Singles Chart 30

1990Crying in the Rain EAST OF THE SUN AND WEST OF THE MOON, 7″, 12″, CD, SIDE B “(seemingly) Non stop july”, video
cover of an Everly Brother song from 1963 with the voice of Carole King

CHARTS (1990)
Noruega VG-lis 1
Polónia Polish Singles Chart 2
Alemanha Media Control Charts 6
República da Irlanda Irish Singles Chart 8
Países Baixos Parada GfK Holandesa 10
Países Baixos Dutch Top 40 11
França Syndicat National de l’Édition Phonographique 11
Reino Unido UK Singles Chart 13
Itália FIMI 14
Austrália Austrian Singles Chart 17
Suíça Schweizer Hitparade 21
Estados Unidos Billboard Adult Contemporary 26
Canadá Canadian RPM Top Singles 34
France Silver 1990 200.000

1990I Call Your Name EAST OF THE SUN AND WEST OF THE MOON, 7″, 12″, CD, SIDE B “The way we talk “, video

Alemanha Media Control Charts 37
Países Baixos Dutch Top 40 38
Reino Unido UK Singles Charts 44
França Syndicat National de l’Édition Phonographique 45

1991Early Morning EAST OF THE SUN AND WEST OF THE MOON, 7″, 12″, SIDE B “East of the sun”, video  live from Rock in Rio II, Maracana Stadio, Rio de Janeiro (Brasile) where a-ha obtained to be on the  GUINNESS BOOK WORLD RECORD for playing in front of 198,000 people as the largest paying audience in the world in 1991

CHARTS (1991)
República da Irlanda Irish Singles Chart 29
Alemanha Media Control Charts 52
Reino Unido UK Singles Charts 78

1991Waiting for Her (only in Japan) EAST OF THE SUN AND WEST OF THE MOON

1991Move to Memphis MEMORIAL BEACH, HEADLINES AND DEADLINES, 7″, 12″, CD, SIDE B “Crying in the rain (live) “, video with the French actress Beatrice Dalle

1992The Blood That Moves the Body (new version) HEADLINES AND DEALINES, 12″, CD 1989
A-ha_The_Blood_That_Moves_the_Body_1992_single_coverSide One “The Blood That Moves the Body (The Gun Mix)” – 4:17 Side Two “The Blood That Moves the Body (Two Time Gun Mix)” – 4:10 AND “The Blood That Moves the Body (The Second Gun Around Mix)” – 5:55 1989 CD Single (Remixes) “The Blood That Moves the Body (The Gun Mix)” – 4:15, “The Blood That Moves the Body (Two Time Gun Mix)” – 4:19 AND “The Blood That Moves the Body (The Second Gun Around Mix)” – 5:56

1993Dark Is the Night for All MEMORIAL BEACH, CD, 7″, video B SIDES: I’ve Been Losing You/Cry Wolf (Live in South America) or Angel In The Snow (Instrumental)
A-Ha+-+Dark+Is+The+Night+Parts+1+&+2+-+DOUBLE+CD+SINGLE+SET-37926 CD 1 “Dark Is the Night for All” – 3:44 , “I’ve Been Losing You“/”Cry Wolf” (Live) – 9:07 AND “Angel in the Snow (Instrumental)” – 4:15 CD 2 “Dark Is the Night for All” – 3:45,  “The Sun Always Shines on TV” – 5:06,  “Hunting High and Low” (Remix) – 3:38 AND “Crying in the Rain” – 4:25

Chart (1993) Peak
German Singles Chart 57
Irish Singles Chart 28
Polish Singles Chart 15
UK Singles Chart 19
US Billboard Hot 100 111

1993Angel in the snow MEMORIAL BEACH, PAPER COVER CD, B SIDE “angel in the snow (instrumental)” video
hqdefault  The song was written as a wedding present for Lauren, the wife of principal songwriter and guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. It is customary at Norwegian weddings that the husband-to-be profess his love for the bride in a unique way, and “Angel in the Snow” was Paul’s contribution. “Angel in the Snow” appears on Memorial Beach but was recorded during a dark time in A-ha’s history. The band rarely plays any songs from this era in concert. The live version of the music video is not available but was performed at the Valhall concert released on DVD. It is unclear why this was the only song not included in the video. There were actually two versions of this video. The first version was very similar, but included a quick scene featuring two fans, one of whom won the MTV contest to be in the video. It was only shown a few times, and version two replaced it in rotation. CD 1 “Angel in the Snow” (Acoustic Instrumental)* – 4:05 “Stay on These Roads – 4:45 “Manhattan Skyline” – 4:52 “Scoundrel Days” (Live) – 4:46 CD 2 “Angel in the Snow” (Edit) – 3:45 “The Sun Always Shines on TV” (Live) – 4:53 “I Call Your Name” (Live) – 4:42 “Early Morning” (Live) – 3:40 *Different from the version found on the “Dark Is the Night” single.

1993Lie Down in Darkness (only in USA) MEMORIAL BEACH CD, MC
LDITD The 1-track promotional 5″ CD features only the album version. The cassette single has “Lie Down In Darkness” (album version) on one side and the live version of “I Call Your Name” from the “Live in South America” video on the other side. The CD comes in a jewel case without a regular sleeve but with a backing insert similar to the ones for “Crying In The Rain” and “Dark Is The Night” U.S. promotional CD-singles

1994Shapes That Go Together official song VI WINTER PARALIMPICS GAMES Lillehammer, Norway, CD, BSIDE “COLD AS STONE” video The music video to “Shapes That Go Together” is directed by Barry Maguire. It was a simple Black and White Studio film with Sepia tones, it is also one of the few times you see a backing band with drummer and bass player. The video was not commercially available.
stgt  A-Ha+-+Shapes+That+Go+Together+-+DOUBLE+CD+SINGLE+SET-155374 CD1 “Shapes That Go Together” (4:13) “Cold As Stone (Remix)” (4:32) “Shapes That Go Together (Instr. Version)” (4:23) CD2 “Shapes That Go Together” (4:13) “Slender Frame (Live)” (4:05) “Touchy! (Live)” (6:46) “Rolling Thunder (Live)” (6:13) The “Cold As Stone” remix on CD 1 was originally created as a potential follow-up to the “Lie Down In Darkness” single in the US. Unfortunately that single did not chart, so this was the only known release of the remix until the 2010 compilation “25” was released. The live tracks on CD 2 are taken from the video “Live In South America”.

Country Position
UK 27
Germany 57
Poland 28
Japan 15

2000Summer Moved On MINOR EARTH MAJOR SKY CD, MAXI CD BOX BSIDE “Barely Hanging On” –  The German made UK release features three tracks – the “radio version” of “Summer Moved On” (4:06), the Single Version of “Barely Hanging On” (3:54) plus a “Remix” (by C.L.A.S.S. Production) of “Summer Moved On” (6:02) On 25 March 2011, a two-track CD single was released by Universal in Germany, including the live recordings of “Summer Moved On” and “Scoundrel Days” video 
The song was originally hastily written after A-ha agreed to a one-time reunion at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 1998. There had been a lot of bad feelings between the band members, and each was hesitant to reunite. The thunderous success at the concert in performing only two songs inspired the band to reunite after a four year hiatus to record their sixth album for release in 2000. This song became a #1 radio hit in much of Europe, and the band has continued to record and perform together to significant international success, though that success has not extended to the U.S., where their recent work has gone unreleased. The song sold 2,500,000 copies worldwide. Morten Harket holds the European record for the longest note held in a Top 40 pop song. During the song “Summer Moved On” Harket sustains a chest voice note for 20.2 seconds (8 measures)

2000Minor Earth Major Sky MINOR EARTH MAJOR SKY CD, MAXI CD BOX video

mems single

  • Directed by Philipp Stölzl
  • This video was filmed in an abandoned mine in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • The suits worn by A-ha in this video were reproductions of real lunar suits. They had been originally used in the movie “Apollo 13.”
  • The theme of this video is based in reality; Paul and Magne have always complained that Morten is late to every meeting and concert and interview. In this video they thought it would be fun to leave him behind.
  • For the “Minor Earth | Major Tour” this was the first song on the setlist.

The song reached #1 in 3 European nations. The German made Norwegian release features 7 different versions of “Minor Earth Major Sky”. These include:

  • “niven’s radio edit” – remixed by Niven Garland (4:02)
  • “black dog mix” – additional production and remix by R.A.S. & Island Brothers (4:07)
  • “millennia nova remix” – additional production and remix by Millennia Nova (4:29)
  • “ian pooley’s deep mix” – additional production and remix by Ian Pooley (6:16);
  • “atb club remix” – additional production and remix by André Tanneberger at ATB Studio 4 (5:47)
  • “early version” – produced by A-ha and Kjetil Bjerkestrand (5:10)
  • “album version” – mixed by Niven Garland (5:24).

2000Velvet MINOR EARTH MAJOR SKY CD, MAXI CD BOX A-ha’s music video for “Velvet” portrays the band as murder victims, opening with Morten Harket as a dead man in a bathtub: a girl killed him by electrocution, dropping a plugged hairdryer in the tub. Throughout the video he is taken to the morgue, tagged, etc., all the while singing the lyrics. Paul Waaktaar-Savoy plays his guitar while apparently dead from a gunshot to the head (shot by a girl who looks very similar to the girl who killed Morten), and Magne Furuholmen‘s body is found in a freezer. All three continue singing and playing while being brought to the morgue, and within it. Some scenes in the morgue controversially suggest necrophilia.[1] The director of this video was Harald Zwart, who also directs Hollywood movies. Zwart, a fellow Norwegian, chose this song to be a part of his new film at the time, One Night at McCool’s. The so-called “licking version” of this video appears on the international DVD release of One Night at McCool’s, as well as on the DVD enclosed with the deluxe edition of 25, where it is labeled as “European Cut”. The “licking version” got its name because it features the older nurse seen near the end of the video licking Morten’s lips instead of kissing him.
video there’s also another version of this video  Video director Harald Zwart TRACKLIST:

  1. “Velvet” (Radio Version)
  2. “Velvet” (De-Phazz Mix)
  3. “Velvet” (Millennia Nova Max)
  4. “Velvet” (New York City Mix)
  5. “Velvet” (Alabaster Mix)
  6. “Velvet” (Stockholm Mix)
  7. “Velvet” (Album Version)
  8. “Velvet” Bonus Track: Enhanced Video (director’s cut – licking version)
  • Tracks 1 & 7 mixed by Niven Garland
  • Track 2 mixed by Pit Baumgartner
  • Track 3 mixed by Millennia Nova
  • Track 4 mixed by John Agnello
  • Track 5 mixed by Hakan Wollgaard
  • Track 6 mixed by Palaar Suna

Velvet” is a song by Savoy, a band fronted by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy from their first album, Mary Is Coming. Savoy’s version was released as a single in the US, but got very little airplay. A-ha‘s version of “Velvet” replaced Savoy’s guitars with sitars. Their version, the third single from Minor Earth Major Sky, was released to radio stations in Germany (and in other European countries such as Sweden, Switzerland and Holland) in September 2000 and was released to German record stores on 6 November (one week later in other parts of Europe). Originally, “The Sun Never Shone That Day” was to be released in Norway instead of “Velvet”, but it was later decided that “Velvet” would also be released in Norway. The backing vocals was performed by Simone Larsen of the Norwegian band D’Sound. World Sales:300.000

2001The Sun Never Shone That Day (included in Minor Earth Major Box in Germany 2001 together with Summer Moved On, Minor Earth Major Sky and Velvet) MINOR EARTH MAJOR SKY CD, MAXI CD BOX listen the song with rare promo video
cover18_143366   220px-Cover-majorbox-big
NORWEGIAN CD 1.”The Sun Never Shone That Day” (4:39)
GERMAN CD 1. “The Sun Never Shone That Day (Radio Edit)” (3:30)
OTHER VERSIONS 1. “The Sun Never Shone That Day (Radio Edit)” (3:40)2. “The Sun Never Shone That Day” (3:44)

2001 – I wish I care not on sale as cd single – but as video for the HOMECOMING DVD The music video was the first fully based web flash video to be released ever and was made for web availability first and foremost. The video which won a Diploma at Norway’s designers’ guild Grafill’s Visuelt competition in 2001, was made in autumn 2000 by Henrik Haugan together with Magne Furuholmen, using flash technology.Video footage of singer Morten Harket filmed in Haugan’s Oslo apartment was vectorized at Haugan’s design company Rayon. Each of the 2000 images had to be edited and processed individually. “I Wish I Cared” was featured on the TV series Smallville in the episode entitled “Dichotic“.



  • Director: Harald Zwart
  • The video was filmed on location in Cuba.
  • The theme of the video was based on the Biblical floods and Noah’s Ark.
  • There are many famous faces entering the ‘VIP entrance’ in this video, including look-a-likes for Desmond Tutu, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, and Elizabeth II.
  • In the final scene, A-ha once again makes fun of themselves: the VIP entrance turns out to be an entrance to a work hall for the crew.
  • Morten: ” ‘Forever Not Yours’ is one of those songs that sums us up. Melancholy, and at the same time uplifting – soaring.”

The cover of the commercial release features a closeup shot of the black front end of a 50’s Cadillac standing on flatland. The A-ha logo in dark red is in the top right hand corner of the sleeve with the title in black letters underneath. The reverse of the sleeve features more flatland which has been fenced off with a small blue and white wooden panel. The sky is blue grey above with the A-ha logo in white letters at the top and track information in black underneath. The disc itself is a picture disc, showing the steering wheel and dash board photographed from inside the car. The A-ha logo is in silver at the bottom of the disc with title in white underneath. The photographs used on this single were taken by Andy Frank. The four track single was released in many European countries around 2 April (8 April in Norway) It features the tracks:

  1. “Forever Not Yours” (4:06)
  2. “Differences” (2:47) (Original Demo)
  3. Hunting High And Low” (7:07) (Live In Oslo)
  4. Manhattan Skyline” (6:14) (Live In Oslo).

Chart positions

  • #1 (Norway)
  • #1 (Poland)
  • #1 (Macedonia)
  • #1 (Lithuania)
  • #1 (Latvia)
  • #1 (Romania)
  • #1 (Russia)
  • #3 (Estonia)
  • #4 (Moldova)
  • #7 (Slovakia)
  • #9 (Slovenia)
  • #12 (Canada)
  • #12 (Albania)
  • #15 (Hungary)
  • #16 (Portugal)
  • #18 (Germany)
  • #24 (Italy)
  • #26 (Switzerland)
  • #31 (Austria)
  • #46 (Sweden)
  • #47 (Spain)
  • #82 (Holland)
  • #175 (UK)

2002 Lifelines LIFELINES, TWO VERSIONS CD  This video is based on the Norwegian short film A Year Along the Abandoned Road, directed by Morten Skallerud in 1991. Time lapse photography was used to make the video, at 50,000 times the normal speed; the original film was 12 minutes long and was filmed over 105 days, and edited to fit the song length and the scenes with the band members. The subject of the short film was Børfjord, a semi-deserted fisherman’s village in northern Norway, near Hammerfest. The opening sequence features a poem written by King Olav V of Norway:

When I look back
I see the landscapes
That I have walked through
But it is differentAll the great trees are gone
It seems there are
Remnants of themBut it is the afterglow
Inside of youOf all those you met
Who meant something in your life

—Olav Rex, August 1977

LIFELINESPROMO   224590b   A-Ha-Lifelines_(Cd_Single)-Frontal

Europe: CD Maxi, WEA / 0927 47037-2
No. Title Length
1. “Lifelines” (Album Version Edit) 3:58
2. “Lifelines” (Boogieman Remix) 4:52
3. “Lifelines” (Console Remix) 4:28
4. “Lifelines” (Palace of Pleasure Remix) 4:44
5. “Lifelines” (Millenia Nova Remix) 5:41
Europe: CD Maxi, WEA / 0927 47038-2
No. Title Length
1. “Lifelines” (Album Version Edit) 4:01
2. “Solace” (Tore Johansson Version) 5:08
3. “Dragonfly” (Magne Furuholmen Solo Version) 3:39
4. “Turn the Light Down” (Langer & Winstanley Version) 4:48
5. “Lifelines” (Demo) 5:18
6. “You Wanted More” (Stephen Hague Version) 3:40
Europe: Enhanced CD, WEA / 0927 48483-2
No. Title Length
1. “Lifelines” (Radio Edit) 3:57
2. Hunting High and Low(recorded live at Vallhall, Oslo, 24 March 2001) 7:07
3. Manhattan Skyline(recorded live at Vallhall, Oslo, 24 March 2001) 6:13
4. “Lifelines” (music video on enhanced section)
Europe: promo, WEA / PR 03215
No. Title Length
1. “Lifelines” (Radio Edit) 3:59
Germany: promo, WEA / PR 03382
No. Title Length
1. “Lifelines” (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) 6:22
Russia: CD Maxi, WEA, WWW / 5050466225429, НН-138CD/02
No. Title Length
1. “Lifelines” (Palace of Pleasure Rmx) 4:46
2. Summer Moved On(Remix) 6:02
3. Minor Earth – Major Sky(Ian Pooley‘s Deep Mix) 6:14
4. “Solace” (Tore Johansson Version) 5:09
5. Velvet(Millenia Nova Mix) 3:58
6. “Lifelines” (Millenia Nova Rmx) 5:41
7. “Dragonfly” (Magne Furuholmen Solo Version) 3:36
Chart (2002) Peak
Norwegian Singles Chart[1] 18
German Singles Chart 32
Russian Singles Chart 1
UK Singles Chart[2] 78
Portugal Singles Chart 20
Latvian Singles Chart 4
Hungarian Singles Chart 19

2002Did Anyone Approach You? LIFELINES, CD The video was filmed by Lauren Savoy, which was shot at Ullevaal Stadion on 6 June 2002. The subject was the first concert on the Lifelines tour, dubbed an “Afternoon High.” This was the largest concert attendance in the stadium in Oslo. Germany #67

  1. “Did Anyone Approach You? (Original Album Version)” (4:11)
  2. “Did Anyone Approach You? (Turner Remix)” (3:43)
  3. “Did Anyone Approach You? (Reamped)” (4:51)
  4. “Did Anyone Approach You? (Tore Johansson Remix)” (5:55)
  5. “Afternoon High (Demo Version)” (4:40)
  6. “Did Anyone Approach You? (Video Clip)” (4:11)

2003The Sun Always Shines on TV (live) A-HA LIVE: HOW CAN I SLEEP WITH YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, CD
the sun always live A-ha performed this song at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 1998 alongside the new song “Summer Moved On.”[ A live version of “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” was the first and only single to be taken from the 2003 A-ha live album How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head. That track’s music video was directed by Lauren Savoy. This Version charted in Hungary at number 9 and in Germany raised to 53. CD TRACKS: “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” (Live – Single Edit) – “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” (Live – Album version) – “Scoundrel Days” (Live) – “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” (Live) (Video Clip)

2005Celice (Germany and Central Europe) ANALOGUE, TWO VERSIONS CD,  Written by Magne Furuholmen and Martin Terefe, it was released as the first single from the album, Analogue, throughout Europe. It was released on 7 October 2005 in Germany and Norway, and 24 October in Sweden. It was not released in the UK. It reached worldwide sales of over 300,000 units. For a while the song was under consideration to be included on the The Da Vinci Code movie soundtrack. The video for the song was directed by Jörn Heitmann, famous for directing the videos of Rammstein, and was filmed in a brothel in Berlin. It was considered controversial by fans and the media due to its strong adult content, featuring topics not as clear in A-ha videos before; sex, drugs, suicide, prostitution, and alcohol had never been so prominently featured in the band’s videos, although sadomasochism had been noted in the previous release, “Move to Memphis“. Heat sensors are used to show some of the more graphic images from the video. One Norwegian newspaper held the headline, “Raw sex in A-ha video” after the video was officially released on September 24, 2005. Magne: “The video is about people who have lost their direction in the hunt for meaning – and loneliness as a result of lost innocence.”
index3    celice_cover

  1. “Celice” (Radio Cut)
  2. “Celice” (Live at Frognerparken)
  3. “Celice” (Paul van Dyk‘s Radio Edit)
  4. “The Summers of Our Youth”
  5. “Celice” (music video)

The Remixes

  1. “Celice” Radio Cut (3:28)
  2. “Celice” Thomas Schumacher Remix (7:53)
  3. “Celice” Boris Dlugosch Remix (6:38)
  4. “Celice” Paul van Dyk‘s Extended Mix (5:42)
  5. “Celice” Paul van Dyk‘s Vocalized Clubmix (8:07)
Country Peak
Austria 41
Belarus 1
Finland 15
Germany 21
Italy 36
Latvia 29
Norway 1
Russia 2
Switzerland 38
Ukraine 8

2005Analogue (All I Want) (2006 in UK) ANALOGUE, MANY VERSIONS CDES, PICTURE DISK, BSIDES: minor key sonata, case closed on silver shore and analogue instrumental depending on which country distribution, video  which was shot in black and white, was directed by Howard Greenhalgh, who has made over 100 music videos.The song was re-written and re-recorded after it was first recorded. The original version of the song was titled “Minor Key Sonata (Analogue)”, and (like the rest of the Analogue album) was produced by Martin Terefe and mixed by Flood. Max Martin was then brought in to turn “Minor Key Sonata (Analogue)” into a more radio-friendly song, with a less surreal lyric and catchier chorus. The song was then retitled “Analogue (All I Want)” and is the only track on the album not produced by Terefe. Upon its release as a single, it became the band’s first Top 10 hit in the UK since 1988.
analoguesingle  A-Ha+-+Analogue+[All+I+Want]+-+7'+PICTURE+DISC-346861    A-Ha+-+Analogue+[All+I+Want]+-+5'+CD+SINGLE-354193
UK CD1: 1. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Album Version) – 2. “Case Closed on Silver Shore” UK CD2: 1. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Album Version) – 2. “Minor Key Sonata (Analogue)” – 3. “Keeper of the Flame” (Live at Frognerparken) – 4. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Video) GERMAN CD: 1. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Album Version) 3:48 – 2. “Minor Key Sonata (Analogue)” 4:34 – 3. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Live at Frognerparken) 5:02 – 4. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Instrumental Version) 3:48 – 5. “Case Closed on Silver Shore” 4:28 – 6. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Video) FRENCH SINGLE CD 2 SONGS: 1. “Analogue (All I Want)” (Album Version) – 2. “Case Closed on Silver Shore”
Chart Country Position
Belgium 16
Germany 33
Ireland 24
Israel 10
Latvia 10
Norway 19
UK 10

2005Birthright ANALOGUE, CD was released as a promo single in Norway at the end of October. It features only the track “Birthright” (3:45) and comes in a card wallet style sleeve. The cover of the sleeve features a shot of the band (Morten, Magne, Paul) against a grey background, taken from the same photo-shoot as the photo used on the album cover. At the bottom of the picture, there’s some red leaves and grey birds, again of similar design to the album cover. “A-ha” is printed in red letters on the right hand side with the title in white printed over the second “a”. The reverse of the sleeve is red with more white and grey patterns. The title is printed in grey with additional text printed in white beneath. The disc is also red with white and grey leaf patterns, the “A-ha”- logo in white and title in dark red.


2006Cosy Prisons ANALOGUE, CD, PICTURE DISK UK single features a new mix of the song which was worked on by Magne Furuholmen and Dave Bascombe. It peaked at number 39 on the UK Singles Chart. The ‘Cosy Prisons’ video shoot took place on the 4 March 2006 in London. It was filmed at the Abbey Mills Pumping Station, Abbey Lane, London, E15, a former sewage pumping station built in the 1860s. The video was directed by Paul Gore.

A-Ha+-+Cosy+Prisons+-+7'+PICTURE+DISC-355728cosy prison   cozyprison
UK “Cosy Prisons” (Radio Mix) “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” (BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce Session) UK 7″ Picture Disc“Cosy Prisons” (Radio Mix) “Stay on These Roads” (BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce session)
Germany The single was due to be released in Germany on 21 April, but the release was cancelled. However, the single was pressed and copies do exist. Three copies of this CD sold for $375.99 USD on eBay on Feb 12, 2012 to the highest of 17 bidders, £555.00 GBP (approx $877.23 USD) on Jan 27, 2013 and €189,88 (approx $253.49) on Feb 17, 2013 . The cover is very similar to the UK release, but the logo on Morten’s T-shirt is missing

  1. ‘Radio Version’ of “Cosy Prisons”
  2. The live version of “Cosy Prisons” from the Ken Bruce session
  3. The “Original Cosy Prisons Demo”
  4. Birthright” live on Radio Clyde.
  5. Also includes a desktop player with “Cosy Prisons” video and picture gallery.

2009Foot of the Mountain FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN, CD It was used as the official anthem of the 2009 World Championships in Athletics held in Berlin. The single reached #3 in Germany, and is the highest charting single of the band in that country since Take On Me in 1985. “Foot of the Mountain”, was released exclusively as a download single in selected territories of Mainland Europe. In Germany, a physical 2-track CD Single was released. In the UK, a so-called digital bundle was released. May 2009 saw the band performing the song on the show Germany’s Next Top Model hosted by Heidi Klum and on The Dome (dubbed “Europe’s biggest music show”) together with fellow Norwegian Alexander Rybak. On 11 June 2009 at 8:13 CEST the music video premiered simultaneously on four major German networks, namely ProSieben, Sat.1, kabel eins and N24. It was also made available for streaming on the major German website, a page with 228 million monthly hits. A-ha’s “Foot of the Mountain” was the most played song on Norwegian radio in 2009, with 122:32:39 of playing time ( Hours, minutes, seconds ), beating Donkeyboy «Ambitions», 122:02:18, Beyoncé Knowles «Halo», 118:03:28, Taylor Swift «Love Story», 115:23:19, Röyksopp «The Girl And The Robot», 113:26:57, The Killers «Human», 112:45:13, Katy Perry «Hot ‘n’Cold», 111:32:53, Eric Hutchinson «Rock & Roll», 110:12:42, Paperboys «Lonesome Traveller», 109:48:39 and Lady Gaga «Poker Face», 109:27:11. First time a Norwegian artist has been on top of the list.


The music video for the track, co-directed by Olaf Heine and Mik Rahner, was shot in Berlin, Hamburg and along the Baltic coast of Pomerania. The video concentrates on singer Morten Harket with only small cameos being made by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen. In a documentary entitled ‘A-ha – The Success Story‘, songwriter Paul Waaktaar-Savoy stated that although he loved living in New York he “often wondered whether I would be happier out in the open, by the foot of the mountain,” when asked about the song’s chorus. In the same interview, co-writer Magne Furuholmen said his contribution to the song, the verses, were about “urban clutter.” In the video, these angles are made a point of as Harket moves from a claustrophobic Berlin to the open landscapes of Pomerania. The video was made commercially available in Germany on a special edition of the Foot of the Mountain album.

German 2-track physical single

  1. “Foot of the Mountain” (Radio Edit) – 3:44
  2. “Foot of the Mountain” (Album Version) – 3:57 [5]

UK Digital Bundle

  1. “Foot of the Mountain” (Radio Edit)
  2. “Foot of the Mountain” (Album Edit)
  3. “Foot of the Mountain” (Bohème7 Remix)
  4. “Foot of the Mountain” (Erik Ljunggren Remix)
  5. “Foot of the Mountain” (Video)
  • #3 (Germany)
  • #8 (Norway)
  • #16 (Lithuania)
  • #28 (Austria)
  • #33 (Switzerland)
  • #66 (UK)
Country Position
Germany 40

2009Nothing Is Keeping You Here FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN, CD It was released as the second single from the album in the UK (whereas in mainland Europe “Shadowside” was used as the second single) and as the third single in Europe. In an interview in Norway, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy stated that the track was the first song to be written for the album. The song appeared on the soundtrack for the German feature filmZweiohrkueken” The music video was shot in Germany by director Uwe Flade and was made commercially available on a German special edition of Foot of the Mountain. It is set to the European radio/single version of the song. #65 (GER)


German Physical Release

  1. “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” (Single Edit) – 3:04
  2. “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” (Steve Osborne Remix) – 3:21

UK Download Release

  1. “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” (Radio Edit)* – 3:21
  2. “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” (Album Version) – 3:17

This UK release is a “Radio Edit” (3:21) of “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” remixed by Steve Osbourne, and was available for download from iTunes, but is not available in the shops. The download includes the “Radio Edit” and “Album Version”. The single was released in Germany on 20 November 2009 and features a different “Single Edit” (3:04) remixed by Tom Costey in addition to the radio edit which is listed as “Steve Osborne Remix”. The UK radio edit re-arranges much of the track’s structure, moving the third verse to the beginning and mixing it within parts of the first verse. Also, the final chorus becomes the first chorus. The European radio edit does not re-arrange the song but remixes it heavily.

2009Shadowside FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN, CD It was released as the third single from the album in the UK and as the second single in Europe (where “Nothing Is Keeping You Here” was the third single). The German physical release of the single includes a demo of the album track “Mother Nature Goes to Heaven”. The music video was shot in Germany by director Uwe Flade and made commercially available on a German special edition of Foot of the Mountain.


German Physical Release

  1. “Shadowside” (New Single Version) – 3:31
  2. “Mother Nature Goes to Heaven” (Demo Version) – 4:34

UK Download Release

  1. “Shadowside” (New Single Version) – 3:31
  2. “Shadowside” (Album Version) – 4:54

2010Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) 25 CD more info here is the song of  a final recording before splitting on 4 December 2010, it is the last single of the group. The song was sold digitally in Norway from July 5. It is included on 25, a compilation album released on July 19. Its world premiere was on June 14, 2010. The single entered the Norwegian single chart at #13 and reached #6 on the airplay chart soon after.  Much like many of A-ha’s early music videos (including that of “Take on Me“), the music video for “Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)” was directed by Steve Barron.

UK/Germany/French CD Single

  1. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Single Edit)
  2. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Steve Osborne Version)

iTunes Digital EP (Germany)

  1. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Album Version)
  2. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Steve Osborne Version)
  3. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Album Version)
  4. Hunting High And Low (Album Version)
  5. Stay On These Roads (Video)

The single was available as a digital download, and also a physical single in Germany, France and the UK. The single was released in the UK on Monday 20 September 2010.

Chart (2010) Peak
German Singles Chart 22
Israeli Singles Chart 9
Norwegian Singles Chart 13
UK Singles Chart 98
French Singles Chart 193

2011Summer Moved On (live) ENDING ON A HIGH NOTE CD recorded live on 4th december 2010 for the last live album – other track on the cd is “scoundrel days live” at same date and place



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