Morten’s curiosity


He’s always in late – He drinks very much – He’s often out of tunes – He doens’t wash sokkers ‘cause he uses to throw them

He doesn’t remember song’s lyrics ‘cause he thinks other things while singing, which phone calls he must do for example…

He stand up first at h. 6.30 in the morning so he sleeps again to h. 9.15

How he dresses: Skin’s dress, norwegian sweater, old t-shirts and all is always black
vice, tight jeans

He closes with hands his ears often to hear his voice better

What people say good about him: He has a sexy smile
What people say bad about him : He has too many veins on the arms

Incidents :
1999 Summer with Motorcycle and Aqua’s Lene was with him too, nothing worst
2000 Xmas with car there was ice on the road and he drove too fast

What he does at home: He likes to wash dishes
What he does in hotel: He like order in his room

Animals he had: He has an acquarium with many weird fishes and lobster, he had a saluki dog
What he doesn’t like to eat : Potatoes

Benefic actions : East Timor’s indipendence, Amasonian forrest conservation, National park of Maldive

LIES I never lie but everything I say is a lie
DRUG It obscures emotions and it darkens brain, I hate it because it steals your life
FAME It’s nothing special and the way that media presents the fame it’s wrong
MUSIC Uriah Heep changed my life with their music, a bandmaster in a parade tok me on his shoulders when he saw that I was interested in his musi, I was 3 years old only
ENGLAND In the beginning we eated only bad fish & chips and english men laugh when we say that we are from Norway
FRIENDS They are the same I had in Norway, but now it’s most difficult to meet them then before, when I can I like to skiing with them
SCHOOL It was hard but learned me many things, I was a disaster, the other students beated me, theachers didn’t understand my problems, I falled in love with my theacher when I was 7 years old
RELIGION I believe in God, I didn’t want to be a priest but I have a big interest in the Holy Bible, I must feel something special before to make love with a woman
LENE NYSTRØM (AQUA) It was she who kissed me at the Spellemann prize in 1998
HIS PHOTOS Photos are an affront for my creative sense. I think to be a meat-ball in most of them
HIMSELF I think to fall in love too much with a lot of things. My selfdiscipline is terrible when I must work. I’ve always a general vision of music and things, I see borders, plans but I can’t organise me to do something about them
MINI-SKIRT I’ve never seen one that likes me
NATURE I like to climb trees, in Hide Park London, a policeman fined me, I like to feel good with nature, I could stay for hours and hours to contemplate it in absolut silence
WAR I hate that strongest people win always against poors, but without America we all have a foot in a grave
COMPUTER I don’t like it
FANS they are like animals in a zoo during concerts
URIAH HEEP my life changed with listening their music

What women say about him: HE’S A BIG PIG

The most beautiful thing about Morten is that he’s united with himself. He believes strongly in everythings he does. This is for the band too and so we don’t need to do it. Morten uses courage in his persuasions and nothing can disturb him. He’s an expert and he obtains always the last word in a dialogue, either he has reason or not. He’s a very loyal person and disposable because he gives many possibility to all persons he meets. He likes to understand who they are and what are their’s imports, their’s merits. Yes, this is what he does before to say something about a person. “Morten has an impressive voice and makes certain emotions very accessible to people. They want to listen to him because of his voice.”“With Morten, it can end up with only you and him talking for eight hours some evening. When he`s focussed on you, he`s an insanely interesting and deliberative guy. When he interacts with someone else, it feels like he`s uninterested in what you`re doing.”

He’s very different from us. When we came for thr first time in London together, Morten burned all my dresses and dress me again from head to feet. I don’t pay attention for dresses, while he’s very interesting in. Morten is my trustful, he heartens me to speak with people, to be not sad and to use my capacities. he’s one of the norwegians who has so many ambitions then I have. We to have a big ego I think. At all either I or he live in the deep of our little world, while Mags must often stay in the middle beetween Morten and me. It’s beautiful that we are so different but we respect each other. Tensions beetween us result creative. “Morten`s voice is unique.”

Other things Morten speaks about:

” A day without Herring…Is like a day without, Sunshine!…URP!”
(overheard at the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize Award luncheon)
“I feel that I could mount virtually any woman in the world.
My sex drive is very strong, stronger than most men, I think.”
“I think that having a strong sense of identity helped me cope with it all –
I believe that all you learn through life remains with you, somewhere deep inside.”
“Is it OK that women also objectify you without you taking it as an infringement on your personae?”
…………..”Yes, naturally. They have a right to do that. And they do.
I go around with the same crushes myself. I can have little affairs
(of the mind) with someone I see out there in the crowd.”
“Our last tour attracted a larger audience than ever before. Therefore,
there must be a lot of new fans, because I don’t want to believe that the oldfans
bred like rabbits and are now using a whip to drive their kids to our concerts.”
“We’re going to take a one-legged detour…Time for bed!”-Valhall 2000
“I believe that a-ha’s music appeals to those people, who believe in the power of dreams,
just like we do.”
“I think women want a guy that is wild enough that they can’t completely capture him,
but who at the same time is kind at his core.
He must have courage enough to listen to his own inner voice, and it is from this he gets his vigor.
What girls don’t need is yet another child to take care of.”
About the FNY video…”No, no, us. We are actually using doubles for ourselves.
We cost so much and Lenny Kravitz and Madonna were already there,
that we couldn’t afford ourselves in it. Tough life.” (laughs)
And older one: “You want to know if I have a girlfriend?
You can better ask my girlfriend whether she has a boyfriend.”
Does he like mini-skirts?…”I’ve never seen one that likes me”
girls give me energy
I just want to be in a position where I can listen.
A state of mind where I can feel that I hate the indifference.
That is whats killing the earth. That is what killed the people of East-Timor.
Indifference is much worse than rage. Because rage isn
t cold; it has a high temperature.
One should rather commit a doubtful act in a state of furious excitement, than with a cold sagacity.
Jesus talked about this: “How I wish you were either one or the other! But because you are barely warm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth!”. [Rev 3: 15, 16]”
life comes into being in the boundary between chaos an order
‘Sometimes horny like now…’ From the song ‘Girl’

Hvor mye hoeyer er du???
182 cm staa – 30 cm legge

Morten about Jan “Jan has both psychic and healing powers. I was never interested in the mystical, astrology, fortune-tellers and the like. But things occur that I just have to accept. Jan turns into the different meridians in the body, and finds out where there are blockages. He doesn`t change the actual system of the body, but changes how the system relates itself to itself. He reboots the computer, in a way. I`ve never been healed before or since. It wasn`t something I went looking for, it was a pure coincidence.” “I can unreservedly say that I`m so much better off when I have access to what Jan does. What people think, I don`t give a shit about.”

Sven Persson about Morten
“Morten has a gift from God, but hes almost never satisfied. Ill be damned if there is another singer in the world like him. When it clicks perfectly, its magic.”
<strong>Per Lindvall about Morten</strong>
“I remember a concert on the Wild Seed-Tour with Morten. We played a fantastic gig. Morten was great. But he wasn
t satisfied at all. At that point, something died inside me.“
Henning Kramer Dahl about Morten
“Morten was a world-famous star in his own universe long before he became a star in the world the rest of us inhabit.”
„He has a child’s curiosity about life. Even at 40 he’s not getting old. But he’s not young either. He’s just timeless.”
Anne-Mette about Morten
“When hes going to tell me something at home, Ive learned not to respond after two sentences. Because he never gets to the point until the end. He talks while hes thinking. If you stop him in the middle, he unravels.”
“Morten doesn
t always manage to see all the projects he starts through to the end. He gets a few too many ideas about what he can do. And everything has to be perfect. Hes not the best one at structuring his time or the use of other peoples time. He doesnt like doing things halfway. Hes always there for his children, and then again, he isnt. “
Sigurjon Einarsson about Morten
“Theres always been yes-men around Morten. But they tend to fall away after a while. He likes having sparing partners who dare to speak out. But Morten is such that he always has to have the last word.”
“Morten doesn
t do practical things. He has other to do that for him. Partly because its not in his nature. But also because the most ordinary daily chores become big projects for him. He cant do anything without really thinking it through. Going to the store is a major operation for him.”
Jan Omdahl about Morten
“Morten isnt as strange as people think. Hes much stranger. Hes also nicer, kinder and smarter. His social I.Q. is higher than many think, with a radar that picks up on most signals – including his own social faux pas. Morten definately has his blind spots, and can at times seem like hes on another planet. But most of the time – by far – when he really puts his foot in it, its on purpose. Morten can be almost self-destructive socially, but he thinks thats his right.”



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