A-HA LIVE: how can I sleep…


Only some editions come with the bonus disc, which concentrates on album tracks. The regular single disc version is composed of live versions of singles, save for the live version of “The Swing of Things” which was never released as a single but is a fan favourite. Waaktaar-Savoy handles vocals on “Sycamore Leaves,” as he does on the version with his other band Savoy. Furuholmen takes lead vocals on “Dragonfly,” which was originally a solo single before it was recorded by A-ha for their Lifelines album. “Crying in the Rain” is sung as a duet between Harket and Anneli Drecker. “The Living Daylights” runs for almost 8 minutes and includes much audience participation and even goes reggae during. The name How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head comes from a lyric in the song “The Swing Of Things” from Scoundrel Days. The album reached #141 in US Internet retails sales chart. also it did #8 in German official chart.The live album came together by recording every show during the last six weeks of the tremendously successful and critically acclaimed Lifelines World Tour, which took a-ha from the Baltic States all over Europe, Russia and South America – playing to a total of half a million people. It was mixed by the world-renowned Michael Brauer in New York, where George Marino at Sterling Sound mastered it. Brauer and Marino were also involved with the Lifelines album, and the band was happy to work with them again. Morten, Magne and Paul are extremely pleased with the sound of the live album. Not only do the recordings capture the fantastic audiences a-ha had during this tour; they also reflect the fun that the band had on stage, supported by their great backing band: Anneli Drecker from Norway on backing vocals, Sven Lindvall on bass, his brother Per Lindvall on the drums and the third Swede, Christer Karlsson, on keyboards.
“The process, from when the tour was over, to listening to the tracks, and then to the final mix, was very quick,” Magne comments. “We didn’t overdub any parts – the final product is ‘all natural’, warts and all.”



Forever Not Yours(Morten Harket, Ole Sverre-Olsen, Magne Furuholmen) — 4:33
Minor Earth Major Sky(Paul Waaktaar-Savoy / Magne Furuholmen) — 5:41
Manhattan Skyline(Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen) — 5:50
I’ve Been Losing You(Pål Waaktaar) — 4:09
Crying in the Rain(Howard Greenfield / Carole King) — 4:56 (Cover degli Everly Brothers)
The Sun Always Shines on T.V.(Pål Waaktaar) — 5:51
Did Anyone Approach You?(Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) — 4:53
The Swing of Things(Pål Waaktaar) — 5:27
Lifelines(Magne Furuholmen) — 4:37
Stay on These Roads(Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen / Morten Harket) — 3:34
Hunting High and Low(Pål Waaktaar) — 5:54
Take on Me(Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen / Morten Harket) — 5:42
The Living Daylights(John Barry, Pål Waaktaar) — 7:32
Summer Moved On(Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) — 4:41

Bonus CD

Scoundrel Days (Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen)
Oranges on Appletrees (Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket)
Cry Wolf (Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen)
Dragonfly (Magne Furuholmen)
Time and Again (Paul Waaktaar-Savoy)
Sycamore Leaves (Paul Waaktaar-Savoy)
A-ha Tourbook (Video)



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