Morten’s fact

The facts so far (from a facebook page)

MHF #1: Morten Harket can discuss the existence of God
while simultaneously singing a 20 second note and saving East Timor.

MHF #2: Morten Harket can sing in Norwegian and
English. At the same time. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT.

MHF #3: When the temperature goes up, it’s not because of global weather patterns. Morten Harket just happened to smile.

MHF #4: Norway is cold to compensate for the hotness that is Morten Harket.

MHF #5: Morten Harket can walk, talk, chew gum, and sing a high F all at the same time–and look better than you while doing it.

MHF #6: When you suddenly get shivers in the middle of a hot day, it’s because Morten Harket breathed in your direction.

MHF #7: Morten Harket gave People Magazine permission to use his middle name on a yearly basis–which why they have a “Sexiest Man Alive” issue every year. He’s already recognized, so really it’s just the runners-up every year. Sorry, Johnny Depp.

MHF #8: Morten Harket is ambidexturous. In his feet.

MHF #9: Morten Harket doesn’t need x-ray vision. You know why.

MHF #10: The sun doesn’t always shine on TV. But it does always shine where Morten Harket is.

MHF #11: Morten Harket could close the case on Silver Shore. If he wanted to.

MHF #12: Morten Harket can play a mean guitar solo …. on a tambourine.

MHF #13: Scientists have discovered that all aprodisiacs contain the same chemical. The highest known concentration of that chemical has been verified to be Morten Harket’s sweat.

MHF #14: Morten Harket can do things with his voice that most men can’t do with their hands.

MHF #15: If it’s question of lust, the answer is Morten Harket.

MHF #16: Morten Harket knows the outcome of this sunny mystery.

MHF #17: Morten Harket’s hair is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

MHF #18: When a meteor plummets to the Earth, it’s because it wanted to be closer to Morten Harket. (Nicole White)

MHF #19: Morten’s eyes are classified as dangerous weapons in some countries. (Nicole White)

MHF #20: The sun breaking through the rain clouds doesn’t make Morten smile, rather it’s the other way around.

MHF #21: Morten Harket is the blood that moves YOUR body! (Claudia Manfredini)

MHF #22: There’s an old joke that Superman has Chuck Norris pajamas. Well, guess who has a Morten Harket pillowcase?

MHF #23: Morten Harket is the most beautiful man in the world. He’s also the most beautiful woman in the world, because he’s just that good.

MHF #24: Norway is not a monarchy–it’s a Mortenocracy.

MHF #25: Morten Harket can grow oranges on apple trees.

MHF #26: If Morten Harket thought that it was you–it was.

MHF #27: Summer moved on because Morten Harket wanted to go skiing.

MHF #28: God created the earth to give Morten Harket something to stand on.

MHF #29: You can excuse your infidelity in one case only… It’s Morten Harket! (Kristina Poskaite)

MHF #30: Hiding out in the salad bar will get Morten Harket far. (A little “Cosy Prisons” joke!)

MHF #31: Morten Harket’s first words were “thank you all so much”. He didn’t say anything else that day.
(But we love him even though he doesn’t talk much

MHF #32: The lower registers of Morten Harket’s voice can bring women in the audience to the brink of orgasm. Why only the brink? Because he’s a gentleman.

MHF #33: Morten Harket doesn’t wear hats much; darned halo keeps getting in the way. (Nicole White)

MHF #34: When Morten Harket wants to collect butterflies, he doesn’t need a net; he just stares at them with those stunning blue eyes and they fall out of the sky at his feet. (Nicole White) But when he wants to give them a sporting chance he uses a net. While blindfolded. (Alisha)

MHF #35: Morten Harket doesn’t have to try to stay on these roads. The roads follow him.

MHF #36: When Morten Harket walks across a lawn, orchids spring up behind him.

MHF #37: Morten Harket knows when you are sleeping, and when you’re awake. He also knows when you’re thinking naughty thoughts about him, but that’s not a superpower–just a matter of it being a day that ends in “y”.

MHF #38: Your life is a canvas–the colors are Morten Harket. (I was listening to “White Canvas”!)

MHF #39: A man once tried to sell his soul to the devil for the perfect face and body. The devil had to decline because Morten Harket already exists. (Got the idea from a comment by Holly Masterson!)

MHF #40: In order to bring sexy back, Justin Timberlake had to borrow it from Morten Harket.

MHF #41: The time travel scenes in the “Angel In The Snow” video aren’t camera tricks. Morten Harket actually did that.

MHF #42: Edward Cullen is on Team Morten.

MHF #43: When Morten Harket sings “wave good-bye” you can damn be sure everyone is! (Mi Rose)

MHF #44: Morten Harket uses the sun as a mirror.

MHF #45: Morten Harket is keeping you here. (Another lyric joke, ha ha. I made a funny!)

MHF #46: Morten Harket’s eyes aren’t as blue as the sky, rather the sky is doing its best to come close to his color. (Mi Rose)

MHF #47: Morten Harket could kick Chuck Norris’ a**. This isn’t because he’s stronger, necessarily, but because even Chuck doesn’t want to mess up that face.

MHF #48: Morten Harket doesn’t use product in his hair. It just does that.

MHF #49: Morten Harket doesn’t get sick, sick gets Morten Harket.
(Thought this one was timely!

MHF #50: “Holy Ground” is not only the name of a song, but a description of Morten Harket’s bedroom.

MHF #51: Morten Harket doesn’t need a poker face. Everyone else loses just to see him smile.

MHF #52: You’ll never get over Morten Harket, but if you’re very lucky he’ll get under you.
MHF #53: The Captain’s got a little Morten Harket in him.

MHF #54: The “Abs Of Steel” and “Buns Of Steel” videos aren’t technically committing trademark violations–but only because Morten Harket’s trademarks are in Norwegian.

MHF #55: The Shadowside: anywhere Morten Harket ISN’T. (Nicole White)

MHF #56: Morten Harket: the REAL real meaning of the sun. (Nicole White)

MHF #57: There is no scalp under Morten Harket’s hair – only more glorious, glorious hair.

MHF #58: Chuck Norris can believe it’s not butter, but Morten Harket can MAKE IT butter.

MHF #59: The Palme case is not actually unsolved–Morten Harket knows who did it. But because his knowledge is divine rather than evidentiary, the police can’t use it.

MHF #60: Morten Harket’s charisma can be seen from outer space. (Nicole White)

MHF #61: Ellen Degeneres is straight now; she just met Morten Harket. (Nicole White)

MHF #62: Morten took a trip to the Artic Circle once. And people wonder why the polar ice cap is melting? (Global warming; yeah right!) (Nicole White)

MHF #63: Clearly, Morten Harket can hypnotize you with his eyes. Lesser known fact: he can also hypnotize you with his eyebrows.

MHF #64: Morten Harket can play the cymbals with his pectoral muscles.

MHF #65: Morten Harket is a national treasure. No matter what country you’re in.

MHF #66: It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you, and it’s not vanity if you’re really Morten Harket.

MHF #67: Morten Harket can sleep with your voice in his head. The other way around, well, that’s your problem.

MHF #68: There are two kinds of men: Morten Harket and the rest. (Di Harket)

MHF #69: Morten Harket is like a good cup of coffee…good, rich, hot and just like coffee, he can keep you awake all night long. (Di Harket)

MHF #70: Morten Harket is considered the eighth wonder. (Di Harket)

MHF #71: Morten Harket is like a portable heater.(Di Harket)

MHF #72: Many of us would quit shopping if Morten was by our side. (I would) (Di Harket)

MHF #73: All of us agree that Morten Harket is Mr. Right. (Di Harket)

MHF #74: Morten is a macho who does not have to prove mucho. (Di Harket)

MHF #75: Morten Harket is the best cure for a broken heart.(Di Harket)

MHF #76: Jesus can turn water into wine, and Morten Harket can turn anything into sexy.

MHF #77: Morten Harket could probably walk on water, but don’t encourage him to try–wouldn’t we rather see him dripping with it?

MHF #78: Sex without Morten Harket’s love is like food without taste. (Di Harket)

MHF #79: The secret to a happy marriage remained unanswered…until Morten Harket was born. (Di Harket)

MHF #80: Since Morten Harket came on the scene, God has had to get used to women not speaking to him as often. (Oh my Harket!)

MHF #81: If you sleep with Morten Harket, isn’t it redundant to say you saw God?

MHF #82: Warning! Excessive use of Morten Harket can lead to a pregnancy.
If not, ask his wife or former wives. (Di Harket)

MHF #83: Morten Harket’s “treasure trail” leads to real treasure.

MHF #84: Life insurance companies have not included the Morten Harket effect, right? (Di Harket)

MHF #85: Morten Harket’s body is a wonderland.

MHF #86: Only Morten Harket can prevent forest fires.

MHF #87: Morten Harket’s voice can repair shattered crystal.

MHF #88: Morten Harket’s smile is a weapon of mass distraction.

MHF #89: If Morten Harket has a bald spot, you can bet he’s got a damn good reason for it.

MHF #90: If Morten Harket were to drink a liter of Diet
Coke and immediately swallow a packet of Mentos, all that would happen
is he could belch the long note from “Summer Moved On”.

MHF #91: Morten Harket doesn’t get mad, and he doesn’t get
even. He just gets more handsome.

MHF #92: While making the “Summer Moved On” video, the producers considered using video tricks for the effects of the sun rising and falling. In the end, though, it was easier just to have Morten Harket move the sun himself.

MHF #93: Chuck Norris has the Roundhouse Kick; Morten has the Roundhouse Smile. They both pretty much have the same effect. (Nicole White)

MHF #94: Everything King Midas touches turns to gold. Everything Morten Harket touches turns into a weak-kneed screaming teenage girl.

MHF #95: One time, at band camp, Morten Harket sang all the instrumental parts to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. He got a standing ovation.

MHF #96: Morten Harket knows his job isn’t done until she hits the E5 note from “Take On Me”.

MHF #97: Sticks and stones may break your bones, but
Morten Harket singing directly to you will melt them down into
your socks.

MHF #98: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the chicken saw Morten Harket coming. (Di Harket)

MHF #99: One does not believe in love at first sight until you meet Morten Harket. (Di Harket)

MHF #100: If loving Morten Harket was a job, there would not be unemployment. (Di Harket)

MHF #101: Morten has been living in my heart and mind for years and he does not pay rent. (Di Harket)

MHF #102: After meeting Morten Harket, I had to buy a dictionary because he left me speechless. (Di Harket)

MHF #103: Morten can turn you into a thief. Once you meet him you want to steal his heart. (Di Harket)

MHF #104: Morten Harket can sing with his ears.

MHF #105: We do not have breakfast because we are thinking about Morten Harket,
We do not have lunch because we are thinking about Morten Harket,
We do not have dinner because we are thinking about Morten Harket,
and then we cannot sleep because we are hungry! (Di Harket)

MHF #106: Morten Harket has a certain effect on women. Wait … umm … what’s my name again?

MHF #107: You can’t say “Morten Harket” without saying “more”! (Mi Rose)

MHF #108: In that infamous scene in “When Harry Met Sally”, Meg Ryan was thinking of Morten Harket. It wasn’t fake.

MHF #109: There’s no hole in the “O” zone when Morten Harket is around! (Mi Rose)

MHF #110: With Morten Harket, who needs good weather? (Di Harket)

MHF #111: Smiling is the second best thing Morten Harket can do with his lips. (Belinda Grooviechickie)

MHF #112: Morten Harket can drink straight lemon juice–by the time it hits his tastebuds, it’s lemonade.

MHF #113: The happiest place on Earth? Morten Harket’s bedroom, of course! (And you thought it was Disneyworld.) (Nicole White)

MHF #114: Morten Harket has a sign over his bed. It says “Welcome to the Magic”. (Nicole White)

MHF #115: Morten Harket has been quoted as saying, “I only ever dance with my tongue”. I’m not sure what he meant by that but I’ve been having fun trying to figure it out. (Nicole White)

MHF #116: The living’s in the way Morten Harket’s hair is dyed.

MHF #117: Morten Harket is Helen Keller’s favorite singer.

MHF #118: Morten Harket doesn’t have to carve notches in his bedpost. The women do it themselves.

MHF #119: Captain Jack Sparrow’s magic compass was pointing the way to Morten Harket.

MHF #120: A normal man with Morten Harket’s muscles could do a hundred push-ups. Morten can only do ten, though, because gravity increases with every one–the earth just doesn’t want to let him go!

MHF #121: Morten Harket is first in our hearts–but he always comes second in our dreams!

MHF #122: Love is reason enough, and so is Morten Harket.

MHF #123: Rain exists to water Morten Harket’s orchids. All that other plant stuff is just an accident.

MHF #124: To err is human; to mess up lyrics but look adorable while doing it is Morten Harket.




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