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A-HA LIVE: how can I sleep…


Only some editions come with the bonus disc, which concentrates on album tracks. The regular single disc version is composed of live versions of singles, save for the live version of “The Swing of Things” which was never released as a single but is a fan favourite. Waaktaar-Savoy handles vocals on “Sycamore Leaves,” as he does on the version with his other band Savoy. Furuholmen takes lead vocals on “Dragonfly,” which was originally a solo single before it was recorded by A-ha for their Lifelines album. “Crying in the Rain” is sung as a duet between Harket and Anneli Drecker. “The Living Daylights” runs for almost 8 minutes and includes much audience participation and even goes reggae during. The name How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head comes from a lyric in the song “The Swing Of Things” from Scoundrel Days. The album reached #141 in US Internet retails sales chart. also it did #8 in German official chart.The live album came together by recording every show during the last six weeks of the tremendously successful and critically acclaimed Lifelines World Tour, which took a-ha from the Baltic States all over Europe, Russia and South America – playing to a total of half a million people. It was mixed by the world-renowned Michael Brauer in New York, where George Marino at Sterling Sound mastered it. Brauer and Marino were also involved with the Lifelines album, and the band was happy to work with them again. Morten, Magne and Paul are extremely pleased with the sound of the live album. Not only do the recordings capture the fantastic audiences a-ha had during this tour; they also reflect the fun that the band had on stage, supported by their great backing band: Anneli Drecker from Norway on backing vocals, Sven Lindvall on bass, his brother Per Lindvall on the drums and the third Swede, Christer Karlsson, on keyboards.
“The process, from when the tour was over, to listening to the tracks, and then to the final mix, was very quick,” Magne comments. “We didn’t overdub any parts – the final product is ‘all natural’, warts and all.”



Forever Not Yours(Morten Harket, Ole Sverre-Olsen, Magne Furuholmen) — 4:33
Minor Earth Major Sky(Paul Waaktaar-Savoy / Magne Furuholmen) — 5:41
Manhattan Skyline(Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen) — 5:50
I’ve Been Losing You(Pål Waaktaar) — 4:09
Crying in the Rain(Howard Greenfield / Carole King) — 4:56 (Cover degli Everly Brothers)
The Sun Always Shines on T.V.(Pål Waaktaar) — 5:51
Did Anyone Approach You?(Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) — 4:53
The Swing of Things(Pål Waaktaar) — 5:27
Lifelines(Magne Furuholmen) — 4:37
Stay on These Roads(Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen / Morten Harket) — 3:34
Hunting High and Low(Pål Waaktaar) — 5:54
Take on Me(Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen / Morten Harket) — 5:42
The Living Daylights(John Barry, Pål Waaktaar) — 7:32
Summer Moved On(Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) — 4:41

Bonus CD

Scoundrel Days (Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen)
Oranges on Appletrees (Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket)
Cry Wolf (Pål Waaktaar / Magne Furuholmen)
Dragonfly (Magne Furuholmen)
Time and Again (Paul Waaktaar-Savoy)
Sycamore Leaves (Paul Waaktaar-Savoy)
A-ha Tourbook (Video)


THE SINGLES 1984-2004

The Definitive Singles Collection 1984–2004 is a greatest hits album from Norwegian band A-ha, released on 11 April 2005. Despite the title, the album contains tracks from 1985–2002. The album contains 17 of their hits plus an enhanced video for the song “Take on Me“. The track listing of this album is slightly different from the one on The Singles: 1984–2004. It marked the return of A-ha to the top 20 of the UK Albums Chart.

The so-called definitive The Definitive Singles Collection 1984–2004 ironically has fewer unique singles (17, as “Take on Me” appears twice) than The Singles: 1984–2004 (19).

The Definitive Singles Collection 1984–2004 lacks the following songs, which exist on “The Singles: 1984–2004”:

  • “Move to Memphis”
  • “Minor Earth, Major Sky”
  • “Forever Not Yours”

The album, however, adds the single “You Are the One”, which did not feature on The Singles: 1984-2004. This album was the last by the group to be released by Warner Bros. In 2010, the album was released in the US.

Aha_definitive_singles_collection   Aha_singles_collection

The Singles: 1984–2004

“Take on Me”
“The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” (7″ edit)
“Train of Thought” (7″ remix)
“Hunting High and Low” (7″ remix)
“I’ve Been Losing You”
“Cry Wolf”
“Manhattan Skyline” (7″ edit)
“The Living Daylights” (single version)
“Stay on These Roads”
“Crying in the Rain”
“Move to Memphis”
“Dark Is the Night”
“Shapes That Go Together”
“Summer Moved On” (radio edit)
“Minor Earth Major Sky” (Niven’s radio edit)
“Velvet” (radio version)
“Forever Not Yours”
“Lifelines” (album version edit)

The Definitive Singles Collection 1984–2004

“Take on Me”
“The Sun Always Shines on T.V.”
“Train of Thought”
“Hunting High and Low”
“I’ve Been Losing You”
“Cry Wolf”
“Manhattan Skyline”
“The Living Daylights”
“Stay on These Roads”
“You Are the One”
“Crying in the Rain”
“Dark is the Night”
“Shapes That Go Together”
“Summer Moved On”
“Take on Me” (enhanced video)

ENDING ON A HIGH NOTE – the final concert


Recorded in Oslo Spektrum Scene during the last concerts from 2nd to 4th Desember

1478 index1

Single CD edition

  1. The Sun Always Shines on T.V.
  2. The Blood That Moves the Body
  3. Scoundrel Days
  4. The Swing of Things
  5. Forever Not Yours
  6. Stay on These Roads
  7. Manhattan Skyline
  8. Hunting High and Low
  9. Minor Earth Major Sky
  10. Summer Moved On
  11. I’ve Been Losing You
  12. Foot of the Mountain
  13. Cry Wolf
  14. Analogue (All I Want)
  15. The Living Daylights
  16. Take on Me

Deluxe edition

CD 1
  1. The Sun Always Shines on T.V.
  2. Move to Memphis
  3. The Blood That Moves the Body
  4. Scoundrel Days
  5. The Swing of Things
  6. Forever Not Yours
  7. Stay on These Roads
  8. Manhattan Skyline
  9. Hunting High and Low
  10. We’re Looking For the Whales
CD 2
  1. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
  2. Crying in the Rain
  3. Minor Earth Major Sky
  4. Summer Moved On
  5. I’ve Been Losing You
  6. Foot of the Mountain
  7. Cry Wolf
  8. Analogue (All I Want)
  9. The Living Daylights
  10. Take on Me
  1. The Sun Always Shines on T.V.
  2. Move to Memphis
  3. The Blood That Moves the Body
  4. Scoundrel Days
  5. The Swing of Things
  6. Forever Not Yours
  7. Stay on These Roads
  8. Manhattan Skyline
  9. Hunting High and Low
  10. We’re Looking For the Whales
  11. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
  12. Crying in the Rain
  13. Minor Earth Major Sky
  14. Summer Moved On
  15. I’ve Been Losing You
  16. Foot of the Mountain
  17. Cry Wolf
  18. Analogue (All I Want)
  19. The Living Daylights
  20. Take on Me
  • Ending On A High Note Documentary
  • Photoshoots for promo
Chart (2011) Position
German Albums Chart 74
French Albums Chart 31



demo 2004


1 Take On Me (Demo) 3:19
2 Presenting Lily Mars 3:19
3 Dot The I 3:49
4 Days On End 3:29
5 The Love Goodbye 3:24
6 Monday Mourning 3:11
7 Never Never 3:20
8 Så Blåser Det På Jorden 2:39
9 Go To Sleep 2:28
10 Hunting High And Low 3:26
11 I’ve Been Losing You 4:36
12 The Swing Of Things (Demo) / Living A Boy’s Adventures Tale (Demo) 10:01


Compilation of unreleased songs and early demos which was included with Jan Omdahl’s biography The Swing of Things 2004. The review of the books here…gs-biographies/

Track 12: “The Swing of Things” stops at 4:10, “Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale” (not stated in the tracklist) starts at 4:53.

Live In South America – VHS 1993



1 The Sun Always Shines On TV
2 Cry Wolf
3 I Call Your Name
4 Slender Frame
5 Touch
6 Scoundrel Days
7 Rolling Thunder
8 I’ve Been Losing You
9 Early Morning
10 Take On Me

Design [Sleeve] – Shoot That Tiger!
Executive Producer – Ray Still
Producer, Directed By – Lauren Savoy

On their record-breaking tour of South America a-ha played to over three million fans.
The twenty-five shows took them trough Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and in Rio.
Live in South America is a document of that tour, and captures the energy and excitement of the sold-out shows with the great performances included here.
Approximative running time : 60 Minutes. Warner Music Vision Brazil.



1. Take On Me
2. Cry Wolf
3. Touchy!
4. You Are The One (remix)
5. Manhattan Skyline
6. The Blood That Moves The Body
7. Early Morning
8. Hunting High and Low (Remix)
9. Move To Memphis L
10. I’ve Been Losing You
11. The Living Daylights
12. Crying In The Rain
13. I Call Your Name
14. Stay On These Roads
15. Train Of Thought (remix)
16. The Sun Always Shines On TV


This “greatest hits” album was released by Warner Music worldwide (except in the US and Canada) in 1991. It contains 15 of a-ha’s “hits” as well as a new track, “Move to Memphis,” which was released as a new single to promote the CD.
What turned out to be a-ha’s last American release spawned three more top 25 singles, “Move to Memphis,” “Dark is the Night” and “Angel in the Snow.” Recording the album was, according to Morten, “A rather dark and heavy period for the band.”
To coincide with the album, Warner also released a DVD including the videos to all the songs from the album; it was the first commercial release of a-ha videos.



  1. “Introduction”
  2. “Take on Me”
  3. “Cry Wolf”
  4. “Touchy”
  5. “You Are the One” (Remix)
  6. “Manhattan Skyline”
  7. “The Blood That Moves the Body”
  8. “There’s Never a Forever Thing”
  9. “Early Morning”
  10. “Hunting High and Low”
  11. “I’ve Been Losing You”
  12. “Crying in the Rain”
  13. “I Call Your Name”
  14. “Stay on These Roads”
  15. “Sycamore Leaves”
  16. “Train of Thought”
  17. “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.”
  18. “Move to Memphis”


Country Certification Sales/shipments
japan Gold 280,000
Germany Platinum 700,000
France Platinum 500,000
UK Platinum 450,000


25 & Butterfly

25 – 2010

1. Take On Me
2. The Blue Sky
3. The Sun Always Shines On TV
4. Train Of Thought (7″ remix)
5. Hunting High And Low (7″ remix)
6. I’ve Been Losing You
7. Scoundrel Days
8. The Swing Of Things
9. Cry Wolf
10. Manhattan Skyline (Edit Version)
11. The Living Daylights
12. Stay On These Roads
13. Touchy! (Uk Dj Edit)
14. There’s Never A Forever Thing
15. You Are The One (7” Remix)
16. The Blood That Moves The Body (Remix)
17. Crying In The Rain
18. Early Morning
19. Slender Frame
20. I Call Your Name
21. Move To Memphis (Single Version)
22. Dark Is The Night For All
23. Cold As Stone (Re-Mix)
24. Angel In The Snow (Edit)
25. Shapes That Go Together
26. Summer Moved On
27. Minor Earth Major Sky (Niven’s Radio Edit)
28. The Sun Never Shone That Day (Radio Edit)
29. Velvet
30. Forever Not Yours
31. Lifelines
32. Did Anyone Approach You?
33. Celice
34. Analogue
35. Cosy Prisons (Radio Mix)
36. Foot Of The Mountain
37. Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Single Remix)
38. Shadowside (Single Edit)
39. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)


As a-ha’s twenty-five year career draws to a close, a new compilation called ’25′ will be released that includes hits and classics from all of their studio albums. The previous a-ha compilation albums, Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of a-ha (1991), and The Singles: 1984-2004 (2004), are mainly hit-parades of all the chart-topping singles that made a-ha famous. ’25′, however, includes classic, non-single tracks like “The Blue Sky”, “Scoundrel Days”, “Slender Frame” and “Cold as Stone”, as well as a new single – a-ha’s last – “Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)”.

This 2-CD collection offers selected rare remixes and non-album edit versions of classic songs. It will be available first in Norway on July 19, with releases to follow in other parts of Europe and beyond.


Art Direction & Design: Jeri Heiden for Smog Design
Remastering: Dan Hersch, Dave Schultz & Bill Inglot at DigiPrep

Project Assistance:
Steve Woolard, Andrea Craig, Kris Ahrend, Amanda Smith, David Ponak, David Gorman, Aleeta Mayo, William Barker, Alessandra Quaranta, Steven Chean, Lyn Fey, Julee Stover, Christopher Hopkins, Mat Smyth

Harald Wiik / a-ha network

Butterfly Butterfly the last hurrah lyrics & tabs


Intro :
Em C D
Bm   C
Em C D
Bm   C

Em                            Am/E          H/E
Butterfly, butterfly flying into the wind
You could be sure of it
      ../G Am
That's no place to begin
D              Am            G
Over thinking every little thing
D              Am                    Am/H H
Acknowledge the bell you can't unring

Em     C  G                  D                 Em    C
Tomorrow, you don't have to say what you're thinking
     G             D             Em
You don't have to mean what you say

Em C D    like Intro
Bm   C

Em                                Am/E H/E
Butterfly, butterfly, flutter into the skies
Em           (Am/E H/E)      ../G Am
Butterfly, butterfly, their molecular cries
D                   Am                   G
Chrysalis dreams waiting on the fifth in star
      D               Am                  Am/H     H
These stained glass wings could only take you so far

Em       C G                 D           Em     C
Tomorrow, you don't have to say that it matters
G                  D             Em   C   
You don't have to turn something in
Am           D                Em     G
Stay with it through thick or thin
D             Am
Butterfly begin


Am/H    Am        B
Butterfly, butterfly

Em     C   G                D                Em    C
Tomorrow, you don't have to mean what you say
Am                D       Em   G
Left without a reason to stay
D                    Am    Em   G
Here comes the last hurrah
D                   Am    Em    
Here's out last hurrah
Em C D
Bm   C
Em C D
Bm   C
Butterfly, Butterfly