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HOMECOMING – Live at Valhall

A-ha Live at Vallhall – Homecoming/Grimstad Benefit Concert is a live concert DVD/live album released in 2002 during the concert in Vallhall on March 24, 2001.

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DVD tracklist

“Minor Earth Major Sky”
“The Sun Never Shone That Day”
“Little Black Heart”
“I’ve Been Losing You”
“Manhattan Skyline”
“Thought That It Was You”
“I Wish I Cared”
“Cry Wolf”
“Mary Ellen Makes the Moment”
“Stay On These Roads”
“Early Morning”
“You’ll Never Get Over Me”
“The Sun Always Shines on T.V.”
“The Living Daylights”
“Hunting High and Low”
“Summer Moved On”
“Crying in the Rain”
“Take on Me”

Bonus Disc – Live at Grimstad (not included in all versions)

“Stay On These Roads”
“Early Morning”
“You’ll Never Get Over Me”
“Summer Moved On”
“The Living Daylights” (taken from Vallhall, Oslo 25 March 2001)
“Angel” (taken from Vallhall Oslo, 24 March 2001)

The year 2000 marked the triumphant return of a-ha to the international scene. After a seven-year break, the band reformed and released the CD ‘Minor Earth, Major Sky’ to widespread critical acclaim, and scored a European hit with the single ‘Summer Moved On.’

Having completed a successful tour of Japan and Europe, a-ha returned to their native Norway on the 24th and 25th of March 2001, for two sell-out shows at Oslo’s new football arena Vallhall. This DVD is a recording of the first night.

This DVD contains lots of extra material, including documentation of their seven years apart, interviews, unreleased live footage, and four videos from ‘Minor Earth, Major Sky.’

DVD Special Features:
Documentary – ‘The Seven Year Itch’
Backstage with a-ha featurette
After Party Vallhall featurette
Facts – History of the band
4 Promo Videos:
Summer Moved On*
Minor Earth Major Sky*
I Wish I Cared*
Additional Live Performances:
Early Morning (Grimstad Version)*
Summer Moved On (Grimstad Version)*

Note: * items are included as bonus material on the video edition.